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Don't let inactive subscribers cost you sales

Discover how to revive your email list using AI

Kathy Farah ConvertKit Email Consulting

Hi, I'm Kathy Farah,
Your ConvertKit Email Marketing Strategist

Busy established online entrepreneurs hire me to strategize creating their welcome, re-engagement, and reusable promo sequences, and eliminate the tech headaches within ConvertKit.

Let’s simplify your email marketing and unlock the potential of your email list.

What Can I Do For You?

As a dedicated ConvertKit email strategist, I offer personalized 1:1 strategy sessions and group coaching to help you optimize your email marketing efforts.


My services are designed to simplify the complexities of email marketing and boost your engagement and conversions.


Re-engagement Emails

If you have an email list, you have inactive subscribers. Reconnect with them and boost engagement with tailored re-engagement campaigns.

Welcome Sequences

Create a powerful first impression with custom welcome sequences designed to captivate and convert new subscribers from their first interaction.

Reusable Promotional Emails

Design reusable promo sequences that drive consistent sales. Ensure your promotions are effective and efficient, reducing the workload while maximizing results.

ConvertKit Integration

Seamlessly integrate ConvertKit with other platforms for a cohesive email strategy. Simplify your tech stack and ensure all your tools work together smoothly.

ConvertKit Automation

Automate your email marketing to save time and enhance efficiency. From simple automation to complex workflows, I’ll help you set up systems that work for you.

Email System Audit

Conduct a comprehensive audit of your email system to identify and address the biggest challenges. Gain insights into your email performance and discover areas for improvement.

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Trusted by Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

Kathy took a messy situation and made it into a magical system that our team could understand.
Kathy was thorough in her work, clearly communicated the next steps, and helped us answer all the questions we had moving forward. She was what our Convertkit mess needed.

Kate Ahl

Simple Pin Media

As a productivity strategist, I help people be as efficient with their time as possible, and Kathy has done that for me.

I have peace of mind about exactly what I need to do to get a new product on the market. She walked me through step by step.

Now I understand where I want to go and what I want to do, and I can take it from “I have no idea what I'm doing” to done.

Thank you, Kathy, for helping me get that little thing checked off my list.

Marla Regan

Organized Time

Kathy genuinely cares and finds a way to work within my comfort zone- while simultaneously expanding that zone! Doing it on my own wasn't working and was just adding to frustration and overwhelm. It was worth the investment to spend the same or less amount of time with a greater result.

Kathy's knowledge, work ethic, and compassion, helped me grow in my approach to engaging with my email list in more effective and powerful ways. 

Kathy's help with my promo sequence as well as clarity with calls to action, format and some simple tweaks, elevated my emails to a place where my audience clearly knew how to work with me.


Jenine Camins

Founder  UQMindfulness

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